Is your municipality actively engaged in conducting Public Service Tax (PST) and Franchise Fee Audits and aggressively locating and collecting from entities which sell electric, water, liquid propane, or natural gas to residents or commercial businesses in your jurisdiction? If not, you could be forfeiting the recovery of thousands of dollars by not regularly conducting these activities in accordance with Florida Statutes 166.231 - 236 and your respective jurisdiction's municipal code or ordinance.

For budget and finance managers, the additional revenue stream from conducting these reviews and recovery efforts will increase your general fund revenues significantly and can be used to pay down debt or it can be used to purchase new equipment for capital projects or assist with funding special needs programs.

At SNJ Muniservices of Florida, LLC, we provide revenue recovery and collection services and have a very high success rate. We have extensive experience recovering revenue due to your jurisdiction through a variety of venues

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to recover uncollected revenue that is due to your government by conducting audits of companies in your jurisdiction that remit or should be remitting public service taxes and franchise fees in order to ensure these businesses are in compliance with Florida Statues and your municipal ordinance.

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